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apexx360TM Value

Dear Veterinary Professional,

Apexx Veterinary Equipment and most of our 10,000+ customers over 19 years believe there’s more to an equipment buying decision than just “best price today”. For your veterinary equipment investment, Apexx offers complete value….apexx360™.

  • According to AAHA, "...constant shopping around, placing multiple orders and the bookkeeping involved add greatly to the cost of inventory in your practice. Over the course of a year those "deals" you shopped for can cost you 250 to 500 hours in staff time." (AAHA Membership Information Packet) By needing fewer sources, Apexx will save you time and resources, freeing your staff to sell your services, do follow-up calls and provide client education.
  • Most veterinarians spend countless hours “shopping ‘til they drop” and pursue almost exclusively the “best price today”.  For equipment, Veterinarians should be looking instead for a long-term return on their investment, and someone that can help support the equipment after the sale, including operation, maintenance and repair.  Pharmaceuticals are dispensed. Equipment won’t work properly or give the expected return on investment if it’s not operated according to manufacturer’s directions and it’s not given regularly scheduled maintenance.
  • Many Veterinarians make the mistake of applying the same principle of shopping for Rimadyl, to equipment.  In all due respect, pharmaceuticals and equipment are very different. Rimadyl is a commodity and every distributor sells the same Rimadyl.  Equipment, is different from manufacturer to manufacturer, and distributor to distributor. A sterilizer, for example, can’t be shopped for generically or you may receive something that won’t work for you. A sterilizer quoted by the Covetrus pharmaceutical rep will likely be very different from a sterilizer that’s “on special” from your Patterson pharmaceutical rep.  Buy pharmaceuticals from a pharmaceutical rep. Buy equipment from us. We specialize only in equipment.

  • We are the only company in the veterinary marketplace that offers a breadth and depth of unique products and services.  What makes us different.
  • apexx360™ brings you value. Based on:
    • Your budget
    • Delivery time-frame, and 
    • What you need the equipment to do… 
      …we help you sort through the competitive quotes and confusion and provide a custom solution for you, based on your purchasing objectives, saving you time and money.

  • Your veterinary equipment investment is protected by our support. We service what we sell, as opposed to our pharmaceutical counter-parts who will simply tell you to call the manufacturer! Why didn’t you buy from the manufacturer in the first place if your distributor isn’t going to solve your problem?Our Customer Service Department is available M-F, 8-5. We consider every call a “Customer Service Opportunity”.
  • Spending 10-15 minutes with one of our Veterinary Equipment Consultants may be one of the best investments you’ll make. We’ll consult with you to determine the best deal on the equipment you want within your budget. If you’re tired of our competitor’s voice-mail systems, misinformed pharmaceutical order-takers and generic quotes, it’s time for you to work with professional equipment consultants at Apexx.

Make Apexx Veterinary Equipment your last call before you make an equipment buying decision.

With Apexx Veterinary Equipment, you get more than you’ll get from our competitors who offer really cheap prices. You get complete value, apexx360™.