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Dear Veterinary Professional,

Our society is more price-driven than ever. Many Veterinarians pursue almost exclusively the “best price today”, potentially sacrificing value and long-term return on investment. apexx Veterinary Equipment believes many Veterinarians are interested in more than just “best price today”. For your veterinary equipment investment, apexx offers complete value, apexx360™.

  • apexx360™ brings you Value. Here in our virtual Showroom, we have the broadest selection of New Veterinary Equipment and Pre-Owned Certified Veterinary Equipment in the industry. We operate a full-service Repair Center and offer Trade-in and Consignment Programs at our Trade Desk. We'll help save you hundreds of hours of staff time. Do you like to shop and compare?
  • According to AAHA, "...constant shopping around, placing multiple orders and the bookkeeping involved add greatly to the cost of inventory in your practice. Over the course of a year those "deals" you shopped for can cost you 250 to 500 hours in staff time." (AAHA Membership Information Packet) By needing fewer sources, apexx will save you time and resources, freeing your staff to sell your services, do follow-up calls and provide client education.
  • We make it easy for you to choose what best fits your delivery time frame, desired level of quality and budget. Spending 10-15 minutes with one of our Veterinary Equipment Consultants may be one of the best investments you’ll make. We’ll consult with you to determine the best deal on whatever service or equipment you want. If you’re tired of our competitor’s voice-mail systems and misinformed order-takers, it’s time for you to work with the professionals at apexx.
  • Your veterinary equipment investment is protected by our support. Our Customer Service Department is available M-F, 8-5 to answer your questions and address your veterinary equipment concerns. We consider every call a “Customer Service Opportunity”

Make apexx Veterinary Equipment your last call. Challenge us. You have my commitment that you’ll be satisfied with your experience and the complete value you’ll receive from apexx360™

With apexx Veterinary Equipment, you get more than just a piece of veterinary equipment at a low price. You get us.

We’re glad to have you as a Customer for a Lifetime.

Drew Blackstone
President & CEO
Apexx Equipment, Inc.
a division of Conquest One, Inc.