Brewer Halogen 35 Exam Light
Flexible "No-Drift" 24" gooseneck
Giraffe's Mobile Floor Lamp (Model 1183)
Giraffes' patented "Stay Cool" lamp
Burton Nova Exam LED
Dual intensity switching allows a choice between two illumination levels
Burton Super Exam 50 LED
Available in Wall, Ceiling or Table-Mounted configurations
Sunnex Single Ceiling Mount Surgical Light
Light with a state of the art space-saving structure
Sunnex Mobile Surgical Light
Drift-free balance arm allows for easy angling and positioning
Burton Outpatient II - Wall Mount Light
Focuses with central removable, autoclavable sterile handle
Burton Outpatient II - Single Ceiling Mount Light
The leading minor surgery light
Ritter 355 - Single Ceiling Surgery Light
Pattern diameter: 8" / Depth of field: 35"
Burton Mobile Coolspot II Surgery Light
New, improved and easy to clean housing design
Burton AIM LED Single Ceiling Surgery Light
Most exciting revolution in diagnostic examination lighting
Burton AIM-100 Single Ceiling Surgery Light
Provides both amazing illumination and unparalleled aesthetics
Sunnex Dual Ceiling Mount Surgical Light
Unlimited flexibility and reach
Medical Illuminations MI-1000 LED Surgery Light
Minor surgery/procedure LED light
Ritter 355 - Dual Ceiling Surgery Light
Includes 100-watt quartz halogen bulbs
Burton Outpatient II - Double Ceiling Mount Light
Cool operation assured with heat filters and dichroic coatings
Burton Outpatient II & CoolSpot II Double Ceiling Mount
Features of Outpatient II and CoolSpot II
Burton AIM-100 Dual Ceiling Surgery Light
Enhances your vision by allowing a true rendition of colors
Medical Illuminations System Two MH (Metal Halide) Surgery Light
Unparalleled level in surgery lighting technology
Burton OutPatient II - Double Ceiling Mount Lights on Fastrac
The industry's leading minor surgery light
Burton XenaLux 300-Watt Xenon Headlamp
Powerful, Reliable and Lightweight!
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