Discover apexx’s Vast Veterinary Centrifuge Collection

Efficiency, speed and reliability are the key factors in a veterinary centrifuge, and with apexx, you will find the perfect model. Our expansive collection includes both new and apexx Pre-Owned Certified vet centrifuges. Read More...

Whether you need to spin blood, urine, microhematocrit or fecal samples, our collection will provide the right fit for your practice. We know that with the demands of your job, you require a multi-purpose veterinary centrifuge. View our catalog below or one of our apexx Equipment Consultants can help you sort through all of our excellent models and determine the perfect fit.

Be sure to check out our trade-in services to see how we can lower your out-of-pocket expenses. We also offer package pricing!

Whether you get a new or apexx Pre-Owned Certified unit, you are sure to find the economy and efficiency you want in a veterinary centrifuge with apexx. Contact us today to find the right unit for you!

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Centri-V 806 Plus Centrifuge from Leading Edge
Quiet operation with space saving design
Centri-V 1086 Centrifuge from Leading Edge
Quality, heavy-duty construction
Centri-V 1486 Centrifuge from Leading Edge
Ideal for Fecal, Blood and Urine samples
Centri-V 1786 Centrifuge from Leading Edge
All digital display with touch pad controls
LW-E8F Centrifuge
Auto-off 30-minute timer with bell
LW CxR Centrifuge
Horizontal Swing-out centrifuge
PowerSpin LX Centrifuge
Easy clean exterior
Universal Centrifuge
Available in 8 place fixed-angle rotor or a 6 place swing-out rotor
M24 Centrifuge
Durable microhematocrit centrifuge
LW C5 Centrifuge
Reduces high potassium results
Clay Adams Readacrit Centrifuge
Ideal for small laboratories
Clay Adams TRIAC Multi-Function Centrifuge
Capacity for most lab needs
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