Experience the ClearVet™ Digital Difference

Veterinarians demanded a better digital buying experience, support, and overall value. We heard you. We redefined the veterinary digital radiography experience with ClearVet™. Read More...

Take your practice to the next level by investing in ClearVet™™ Digital Radiography that puts you miles above your competition and ensures you’re providing the best patient care.

Why ClearVet™?

You have choices when it comes to radiography, but only ClearVet™ gives you superior products and unsurpassed service & support with our Total System Accountability approach. We go above and beyond veterinary digital radiography to give you a complete digital experience.

With ClearVet™, you get:

  • Total System Accountability – With this approach, you get service and support from a single source. No excuses. No finger pointing. You simply get help when you need it. Total System Accountability means better service and on-time support.
  • Ground Breaking Vet Radiology Line – Unlock crystal clear images in seconds with our innovative line of digital x-ray equipment. Our superior performance helps position your clinic as a community leader, instilling confidence in your clients. Improve patient care, patient satisfaction and employee satisfaction with your investment into ClearVet™ Digital Radiography.
    Our line includes:
    • ClearVet™ CR – Computed Radiography (CR) system that processes embedded phosphor plate cassettes, featuring True Flat Scan Path Technology.
    • ClearVet™ DR – Direct Radiography (DR) system available in 6, 9 and 16 megapixel platforms. Discover why this unit is sweeping the nation!
    • ClearVet™ FP – Flat Panel digital radiography solution that features 14 bit depth, 3 second exposure times and a full 17" x 17" active image area

Which solution is best for you? We’ll give you straight answers to determine what product is best for your facility, your staff and your workflow.

We understand the importance of the investment you’re about to make in the success of your practice. You can trust our exclusive line of systems and our team, both before and after the sale.
-Drew Blackstone, President and CEO

Save Money and Increase Profits with Veterinary Digital Radiography

Vet radiography is becoming a necessity to compete and provide quality care for your patients. Taking the plunge into veterinary digital radiography may seem like a big investment, and it’'s a substantial investment in your future. However, with ClearVet™’s broad product offering of all three digital modalities and competitive pricing, ClearVet™ offers a system that’'s right for you. Can you afford to miss out on the benefits of digital vet radiography?

Your investment in ClearVet™ digital radiography increases your bottom line in many ways.

  • Increase confidence in your practice by offering top-of-the-line equipment and superior patient care.
  • Position yourself as a community leader in veterinary services.
  • See an increase in additional services, such as additional diagnostic and treatment services and an increase in “while you’re here” services.
  • Charge premium pricing for providing premium care.
  • It’s better medicine.
  • Go green & save money on waste – eliminate the cost for x-ray film, cassettes, darkroom, film processing, film chemicals, inventorying, disposal, mess and smell.
  • Attract higher caliber employees, improve employee morale and decrease turnover.

ClearVet™ will help you increase profits while providing the very best care for your patients. But don’t believe us. Ask our customers.

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ClearVet FP 1717 Digital X-Ray System

ClearVet FP 1717 Digital X-Ray System

  • Brand: ClearVet
  • Condition: New
  • Warranty:
  • Discover unparalleled image quality from a company who knows digital radiography
  • Digital System Solution (table, sensor, software, networking, workstations) available from one company. No finger-pointing. Period.
  • The best image quality available in the industry
  • Images on the screen in 3-5 SECONDS !
  • Retakes can be done immediately while the patient is still in position
  • Can retrofit into any veterinary x-ray table!
  • ClearVet360 Complete System Solution includes:
    • 17" x 17" active image area
    • 3.5 LP/mm spatial resolution
    • Acquisition Workstation with PC, Acquisition Software and Wide Screen Monitor
    • Complete set of image manipulation and measurement tools
    • ClearPACS Image Storage (500GB - 16,000 image capacity) and distribution software
    • Complete On-Site Installation and Training
    • Continuing Support
  • Call and find out how to never handle a cassette ever again
  • Incredible marketing tool to position you as a community leader with diagnostic services and client convenience beyond what any other practice in your geographical area provides
  • Charge a $$ premium $$ over standard x-ray fees for this state-of-the art technology and service you'll provide your clients
  • Reduces turnaround time to only seconds, improving patient care and client satisfaction
  • Virtually eliminates labor costs associated with standard x-ray processing
  • Eliminates x-ray film
  • Eliminates cassettes
  • Eliminates darkroom
  • Eliminates film processor
  • Eliminates chemical cost, inventorying, waste disposal and mess
  • Improves employee morale with filmless technology
  • DICOM 3.0 compatible - Capable of sending images via electronic transfer within your hospital or around the world
  • Can communicate with any Practice Management Software*
  • Optional: Add Dedicated Workstations

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