Leading Edge Multi-Purpose Table (MPT600H)

Leading Edge Multi-Purpose Table (MPT600H)

  • Brand: Leading Edge
  • Condition: New
  • Warranty: 12 Months

What makes the Leading Edge Multi-Purpose Table a great value?

  • Makes patient transport easy and safe
  • Saves technician’s backs and knees
  • Big balloon-tread casters deliver a smooth ride, calming animals
  • Built to last, providing years of reliable service
  • Reliable, smooth hydraulic lift
  • Never needs plugged in. No battery to recharge
  • Easily lifts and transports 300+ lbs.
  • Lift range: 11" - 36"
  • 5" balloon-tread dual locking casters roll smoothly and easily
  • Trailing-edge brake tabs are easy to find, effortless to engage & disengage, won't rust or seize and won't tear up your shoes or pant legs
  • 22" x 48" Stainless Steel top with Anti-drip edge, drain hole and hook for pail
  • Four corner bumpers protect your walls, doors & door frames
  • Four tie downs, two on each side
  • Steering Handle saves your back and provides easy and safe maneuverability without having to lean down to push/pull the table
  • Electric lift model also available
  • Manufactured in the USA by Leading Edge Veterinary Equipment


Customize your Leading Edge Multi-Purpose Table. Call one of our apexx Equipment Consultants today! Options:

  • 6" balloon-tread dual locking casters
  • User-Selectable Casters (Power steering)
  • Qwik-Set Tie Downs (Technician's favorite option)
  • Restraint Straps
  • Electric Lift


Table Top Size Options
Caster Options
"Qwik-Set" Tie Downs
Velcro Restraint Straps
Electric Lift
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