ClearVet System X Digital X-Ray

ClearVet System X Digital X-Ray
ClearVet System X Digital X-RayClearVet System X Digital X-RayClearVet System X Digital X-Ray

  • Brand: ClearVet
  • Condition: New
  • Warranty:
  • Discover unparalleled image quality from a company who knows digital radiography
  • Digital System Solution (table, sensor, software, networking, workstations) from one company. No finger-pointing. Period.
  • Don't sacrifice anything with either one of our three models. Simply choose your detector. Each system includes the same high frequency x-ray table with all of the features you've come to expect!
  • Images on the screen in 2-5 SECONDS !
  • Retakes can be done immediately while the patient is still in position
  • ClearVet360 Complete System Solution includes:

    • High Frequency Table, 4-Way Float, 32kW Generator and 400mA
    • Touchscreen Anatomical Programming
    • Acquisition Workstation with Software and 22" / 2.1MP Wide Screen Monitor
    • Complete set of image manipulation and measurement tools
    • ClearPACS Image Storage (500GB - 16,000 image capacity) and distribution software
    • Complete On-Site Installation and Training
    • Continuing Support
  • Call and find out how to never handle a cassette ever again
  • Incredible marketing tool to position you as a community leader with diagnostic services and client convenience beyond what any other practice in your geographical area provides
  • Charge a $$ premium $$ over standard x-ray fees for this state-of-the art technology and service you'll provide your clients
  • Reduces turnaround time to only seconds, improving patient care and client satisfaction
  • Virtually eliminates labor costs associated with standard x-ray processing
  • Eliminates x-ray film
  • Eliminates cassettes
  • Eliminates darkroom
  • Eliminates film processor
  • Eliminates chemical cost, inventorying, waste disposal and mess
  • Improves employee morale with filmless technology
  • DICOM 3.0 compatible - Capable of sending images via electronic transfer within your hospital or around the world
  • Can communicate with any Practice Management Software*
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  • Optional: Add Dedicated Workstations


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