What is Pre-Owned Certified

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Save Money and Keep the Quality with apexx Pre-Owned Certified Equipment

Do you want to save some money on your equipment without sacrificing quality? Look no further than apexx Pre-Owned Certified Equipment! While other equipment distributors may offer “used” equipment, apexx offers only apexx Pre-Owned Certified Equipment. You get high-quality, high-performing, reliable pre-owned vet equipment without the high price tag.

You can trust in the quality of apexx Pre-Owned Certified Equipment. Each piece of pre-owned vet equipment is hand-selected by our team of experts and backed with our satisfaction guarantee. Simply put, apexx only chooses the best of the best pre-owned veterinary equipment, giving you exactly what you want … for less.

A Step Above Ordinary Used Vet Equipment

We don’t just offer used or pre-owned vet equipment. We put every piece of equipment through a detailed and vigorous inspection and reconditioning process, and only certify pre-owned veterinary equipment that meets our standards of excellence. Then, we back it with a 90-Day Parts & Labor Warranty and a 30-Day Satisfaction Exchange Guarantee for complete peace of mind.

Equipment that qualifies as apexx Pre-Owned Certified Equipment must first be:

  • Pre-owned veterinary equipment in very good to excellent condition
  • Brand-name equipment that can be certified and reliably supported with original manufacturer parts

We put each qualifying piece of pre-owned vet equipment through a stringent inspection and reconditioning process. All equipment is brought up to original manufacturer’s standards. apexx spends the time, effort and money up-front to protect and increase the value of your apexx Pre-Owned Certified Equipment investment.

  • The pre-owned vet equipment is inspected, evaluated and certified by Biomedical Technicians and Engineers.
  • Each piece is subjected to a complete electrical safety check.
  • All system functions are verified to operate and perform according to original manufacturer’s specifications.

Peace of Mind with our Satisfaction Guarantee and Warranty

Satisfaction Guarantee

Within 30 days of your purchase, you can return your apexx Pre-Owned Certified Equipment for 100% credit toward any other piece of equipment, either apexx Pre-Owned Certified or brand New! That is peace of mind that you can truly rely on. We give you a premium ownership experience with the same level of respect and integrity that new-equipment buyers receive.


After certification, apexx Pre-Owned Certified Equipment is backed by a 90-Day Parts & Labor Warranty. This may be extended due to the gentleness of use by the original owner or the quality of the piece. Ask your Equipment Consultant about our apexx Extended Warranty Program, available on all apexx Pre-Owned Certified Equipment. With apexx Extended Warranty, your investment can be protected up to 12 full months.

Both during and after the warranty period, you always have apexx’s industry-leading Customer Service Department to provide assistance and support. Commitment and service don’t end when the warranty expires.

We don’t just sell used equipment. We offer apexx Pre-Owned Certified Equipment – the very best pre-owned veterinary equipment on the market. Experience the difference for yourself by browsing our online catalog or contacting an Equipment Consultant today.