Gary Baker

Gary joined the apexx team in October of 2006. With him came a diverse technical background coupled with a passion for small business and an ability to not simply be a part of a team, but also to strengthen it. Gary started in what was once the most humble of positions at apexx however, by virtue of his work ethic and natural ability Gary was promoted to his current position of Distribution Center Manager. The company depends daily on his abilities of managing and leading the highly intricate and complex world-wide Distribution Center of apexx Equipment.

Originally from West Bountiful Utah, Gary moved to Colorado in 1988 and has never since been able to leave the beauty of the Colorado Rockies (at least for too long). Gary spent 6 years in the United States Army Reserve and as a civilian during those years made his living as a ski/snowboard technician and spent his time high in the Rocky Mountains. Eventually he did the same with mountain bikes and in 1999 opened a shop of his own with a partner.

To Gary, apexx was an immediate and obvious choice to establish and build his professional career and not simply because he has great friends here, but because of the strength, intelligence and direction of the amazing team that surrounds him.