CBi NITAIR Dental System

CBi NITAIR Dental System
CBi NITAIR Dental SystemCBi NITAIR Dental System

  • Brand: CBi
  • Condition: New
  • Warranty: System: 12 Months; Handpieces: 6 Months; FREE Lifetime Loaner
  • Uncluttered - simpler and safer than compressor systems!
  • Quiet operation - NO Compressor
  • Sophisticated dentistry at an affordable price
  • Inexpensive to operate and maintain (requires nitrogen, ask your Apexx Equipment Consultant)
  • Easy to install - Easy to use
  • Non-corrosive to your instruments
  • System includes: Control box, Regulator, 400,000 RPM "Highspeed" Handpiece, Slowspeed "Autoclavable" Handpiece, Water tank w/ Quick Disconnects, Prophy Angle and Prophy Kit, Disposable Mouth Mirror, Diamond Disk, White Stone, Carbo Stones, Friction Grip Carbide Burs, Friction Grip Diamond Burs, Bur Block, FORMULA CB 1000 "Autoclavable" Handpiece Lubricant, Safety Glasses & Push-button handpiece ($100 Value)
  • The NITAIR Dental System does not include a Scaler as a part of the standard package
  • Optional: Scaler
  • Optional: Water-line Splitter. Allows two separate units (NITAIR and a Scaler) to operate from one water source Click here for an image
  • Optional: Fiberoptic System
  • Optional w/Fiberoptic System: Continuous Illumination
  • Optional: Mobile Cart for use with "E" tank with control box mounting
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