Sedecal Standard Vet Stationary X-Ray

Sedecal Standard Vet Stationary X-Ray
Sedecal Standard Vet Stationary X-RaySedecal Standard Vet Stationary X-RaySedecal Standard Vet Stationary X-Ray

  • Brand: Sedecal
  • Condition: New
  • Warranty: Parts: 5 Years; Labor: 12 Months
  • High Frequency: 400mA / 125kVp
  • Anatomical Programming: 330 Anatomical Views make taking an image a snap
  • 4-Way Float Top
  • Variable Focal Distance: 30cm-120cm (11.8in-47.2in)
  • X-Ray beam rotation from +90 degrees to -90 degrees 
  • 17 mA stations: 10 - 400
  • Exposure time range: - .001 to 10 seconds
  • Integrated tubestand and generator
  • Built-in Tube Protection
  • Electric locks - maximize operator efficiency, comfort and convenience by providing virtually effortless movement
  • Hands-Free Collimator Light System
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Foot activated exposure switch
  • 4-Way float top dimensions: 28"D x 59"W
  • System dimensions: 59"W x 44"D x 88"H
  • Optional: Extended-length top (28"D x 76"W): ( $ Call )
  • Optional: 40kw, 500mA Generator ( $ 1500 ) 
  • Optional: Battery-assisted Generator (Allows operation from a standard 110V outlet) ( $ 3000 )
  • Optional: Complete de-installation and removal of your existing x-ray
  • Optional: Complete, turn-key installation of your Sedecal Table
  • Ask your Equipment Consultant about apexx's Digital X-Ray Trade-in/Consignment Program
  • Table is digital ready. Use with both CR and DR systems. Ask your Equipment Consultant how
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