The most critical step of the transaction is getting your equipment to apexx in its current, undamaged condition. You are responsible for the costs of packaging and transportation of your equipment. If you have any doubt about packaging protection, always over-package, anticipating that the box will need to withstand a drop of 3-5 feet. (Click here for apexx's packaging guidelines and suggestions. A new window will open.)

Always purchase insurance from your carrier of choice to protect you from loss or damage. You may use one of apexx's carriers and be billed for the transportation. This requires a completed Equipment Packaging (a new window will open) form with your signature.

Because apexx did not package your item, whether you use your shipper or one of our carriers, apexx will not be responsible for damage if the carrier's inspector determines that the damage sustained was a result of inadequate packaging. For the safest, most reliable transportation of your equipment, we recommend FedEx or FedEx Ground. (Use UPS or USPS only as a last resort)