Burton Ultraviolet Woods Light
Optically ground and polished magnifier lens with 3 power magnification and focal length of 8"
Burton Nova Exam LED
Dual intensity switching allows a choice between two illumination levels
Burton Super Exam 50 LED
Available in Wall, Ceiling or Table-Mounted configurations
Burton Outpatient II - Wall Mount Light
Focuses with central removable, autoclavable sterile handle
Burton Outpatient II - Single Ceiling Mount Light
The leading minor surgery light
Burton Mobile Coolspot II Surgery Light
New, improved and easy to clean housing design
Burton AIM LED Single Ceiling Surgery Light
Most exciting revolution in diagnostic examination lighting
Burton AIM-100 Single Ceiling Surgery Light
Provides both amazing illumination and unparalleled aesthetics
Burton Outpatient II - Double Ceiling Mount Light
Cool operation assured with heat filters and dichroic coatings
Burton Outpatient II & CoolSpot II Double Ceiling Mount
Features of Outpatient II and CoolSpot II
Burton AIM-100 Dual Ceiling Surgery Light
Enhances your vision by allowing a true rendition of colors
Burton OutPatient II - Double Ceiling Mount Lights on Fastrac
The industry's leading minor surgery light
Burton XenaLux 300-Watt Xenon Headlamp
Powerful, Reliable and Lightweight!
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