MediAid Palco 340V Pulse Oximeter

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  • Only hand-held pulse oximeter that measures SpO2 lingually and/or rectally (ideal for dental procedures)
  • Sp02 / HR / Temp
  • Also detects Hypothermia
  • SpO2 and Temperature with one sensor
  • HR 32-250 bpm with Hi/Lo alarms
  • Adjustable audible & visual alarms. (Your pre-selected limits are maintained in memory from use to use)
  • Excellent monitoring capability in low-perfusion settings
  • Pulse tone is adjustable and varies in pitch based on changing oxygen saturation readings
  • Analog output allows information be connected directly to other monitoring diagnostic equipment
  • Rechargeable Ni-Cad batteries provide continuous power for 12 hours or can be powered with the provided AC-DC adapter
  • Best warranty on the market
  • Reusable Y-Clip Lingual Sensor for quick Sp02 checks
  • Reusable Rectal Sensor w/thermistor allows for unrestricted dental procedures
  • Discounted price includes both Sensors
  • Optional: Connector allows simultaneous monitoring from both sensors