apexx reconditions and re-circulates equipment back into clinical use, helping Veterinarians provide patient care that otherwise may not be possible. All equipment is fully reconditioned to a safe, reliable and operational condition. We donate the resources (parts & labor) to recondition all donated equipment.

Our Green Initiative

Through Corporate Social Responsibility, apexx isn’t just talking about helping animals and the environment, we’re setting an unequivocal example for the industry through actions to better the lives of animals around the world. We’ve made a commitment to support long-term environmental sustainability and we’re committed to protecting and preserving the environment.

  • Humane Societies
  • No-Kill Shelters
  • Veterinarians in rural or income-challenged communities
  • Developing nations

Saving the environment

  • Reduce – Carbon footprint
  • Reuse – Equipment and components
  • Recycle – Non-functioning equipment and parts
  • Sustainable business innovations – Lessens dependence on foreign oil and non-renewable energy resources

Benefiting Veterinarians Worldwide

  • Tax deductions for donated equipment
  • Reconditioned equipment re-circulated back into clinical use