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Saving Veterinarians money by extending the useful life of their equipment.

Evaluations and repairs are performed by apexx’s Certified Biomedical Engineers and Technicians.

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Get More Out of Your Equipment with
Veterinary Equipment Repair

Is your equipment on the fritz? Don’t just throw it away. Extend the life of your veterinary equipment and save money with apexx’s veterinary equipment repair program! We handle basic repairs and more extensive repairs, so whether you’re looking for veterinary sterilizer repair, veterinary IV poles repair or veterinary pulse oximeter repair, apexx can help. We can also assist with x-rays, ultrasounds or a single veterinary IV pump. Repair is part of the apexx360 advantage. Read More...

Our unique veterinary equipment service and repair program can get your equipment back up and running in no time for a very reasonable price. Best of all, the process is quick and easy!

The apexx Veterinary Equipment Repair Process

  1. Contact an apexx Equipment Consultant or fill out the online form with information about specific piece(s) of equipment that need repair
  2. Ship your equipment to us
  3. apexx will perform an initial diagnosis and complete an estimate for complete veterinary equipment repair. The diagnosis fee is only $75.00 for a standard evaluation ($150.00 for x-ray, ultrasound and laser equipment). The actual cost to repair your equipment depends on the equipment’s condition and the total cost of parts and labor to bring your equipment to original manufacturer’s specifications.
  4. Upon approval of the cost estimate, apexx will repair your equipment and ship it back to you.

The length of the entire process varies, but is generally around 4 weeks in total. That includes the time in transit, which is typically one week to ship to apexx and 4-5 business days to ship back to you. There are many variables that affect turnaround time, but apexx is committed to keeping the process as short as possible so you get your repaired equipment back in no time.

Need a rental? apexx has a limited number of rental units available for many makes and models. Contact an Equipment Consultant for details.

Trust in apexx’s Veterinary Equipment Repair Warranty

With each repair, you’ll receive a 90-day “bumper-to-bumper” parts & labor warranty – not simply a warranty on the work we perform, but a warranty on every part of the equipment. apexx performs a complete system verification and certification to original manufacturer’s specifications as a part of our veterinary equipment service and repair. That’s added value and added confidence!

Consider the advantage of apexx’s veterinary equipment repair program. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on new equipment, you can use our veterinary IV poles repair or veterinary IV pump repair to get you up and running for a fraction of the cost. Other veterinary equipment companies will simply sell you new veterinary equipment. apexx will save you money and time with our veterinary equipment service and repair.

Next time you’re faced with a failing ultrasound machine or veterinary pulse oximeter, repair it rather than throw it away. You’ll be glad you did!

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