Midmark Canis Major Lift Table

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  • Save 30% vs. New
  • The Canis Major Exam Lift Table is height adjustable from the floor up to a maximum height of 44", giving itthe greatest range of motion on the market
  • The Canis Major has all the quality features you need to create unparalleled efficiency in your practice
  • 300 lb load capacity
  • Only the tabletop moves, unlike other units where the tabletop and back move as one piece, so the CanisMajor scale weight display remains at eye level no matter the position of the table
  • Allows access to both sides of the table so that the Doctor and Owner / Technician can face the animal andeach other
  • Allows doctor to sit while performing procedures
  • Allows for easier cleaning under and around the table
  • Ideal for smaller exam rooms
  • Table dimensions: 25"W x 46"L
  • Overall dimensions: 60"H x 25"W x 56"L
  • Sideswitch is standard
  • Included: Protective mat for table top, Footswitch; Digital Scale weighs inlbs. or kgs.